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We welcome donations

The Sussex Cricket Museum and Educational Trust (SCMET) welcomes donations but we are not in a position to accept everything we are offered. We accept items that are of historic or educational value as long as we have space to store the item and it is not a duplicate.

How do I make a donation?

If you would like to discuss donating an item to the museum, please contact Mark Foster using our contact form, giving a brief description of the item to be offered. We would suggest that you read our ‘Terms and Conditions’ for donations to Sussex Cricket Museum. Your kind offer will then be discussed with the curator of the Museum and if we are able to accept your offer we will then ask you to complete a Transfer Form.

Items which we are not able to accept

The Sussex Cricket museum isn’t always able to accept offers of donations. Whilst we are immensely grateful for the offers we receive, there are sometimes occasions when we have to decline offer, usually for the following reasons:

We already have good examples within the collection of the object offered.

The material falls outside of our collection policy.

The ownership of the material is not known or is in some doubt.

The item is in poor condition.

We do not have the space to store the item.

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Frequently asked questions

Q1. Will the Sussex Cricket Museum (SCMET) be interested in having my object?

A1. Quite possibly, but as we receive a lot of offers, we need to think about it very carefully.

Q2. What kind of object does the SCMET collect?

A2. We are a museum for all aspects of cricket in Sussex and anything which we think is of historic value and will further it’s understanding, we will consider. We have an extensive collection of books, photos, paintings, scrapbooks, scorecards, ephemera, and personal items like letters and diaries. We welcome additions where they maintain and add to the understanding of the heritage of cricket in Sussex.

Q3. How do I make an offer?

A3. Please use the contact form (to Mark Foster) on the website to tell us about your offer. If possible attach a photograph, a description,  and details as to how you came across the object and what condition the object is in.

Q4. What kind of offer can I make?

A3. There are four basic options: gift, bequest, loan or sale.

Q4. Can I donate a whole collection of objects that might books, scorecards scrapbooks and photos?

You can donate someone’s own personal collection, but we may not be able to put everything into the collection. What books we could not use for the collection we would sell to raise funds for the Museum. Those other items we deem not to be of sufficient historical or educational value, we would dispose of.

Q5. What happens after I have made an offer?

A4. Our curator, Rob Boddie, will meet with Mark Foster (our website co-ordinator) and consider the condition of the object and how it will add to our collection. If they decide that the SCMET can accept your offer, we will write or email you with a form for you to sign. If you are making a gift, we will need to have a statement of ownership and a transfer of ownership to the SCMET. Once that form is returned we will contact you regarding transferring the object to the SCMET. On receipt of the object by the curator, it will be catalogued and become part of the SCMET collection.

Q6. Can you tell me how much the object is worth?

We can offer expert opinions of the historic interest of the object, but we cannot give a monetary value. You should contact an auctioneers or valuers for a monetary value.

Q7. Will my object go on display?

A7. We have thousands of items in the collection, but only space to display a small proportion of the collection. We have a number of permanent displays, but each year we have temporary displays for the duration of the Summer cricket season. We try and exhibit our new donations as part of the temporary exhibitions, but we cannot guarantee that your item will be used for a display. However, you can be reassured that as part of our collection, your donation will be well looked after.

Q8. How is my gift, loan, bequest, looked after?

A8. All the objects in our collection are stored and cared for with regard to maintaining their condition. We have arrangements in place for climate control (temperature and humidity), pest management, regular cleaning and inspection, and appropriate storage.

The SCMET is a member of South East Museum Development and regularly receives advice on managing collections.

Q9. Can I see ‘my’ object whenever I want?

A9. You are very welcome to view your donation whenever you wish. We just ask that you contact the curator (give contact address on website) a few days before your visit and that you visit on a day the SCMET is open to the public as the SCMET is only open on certain days. See for details of opening times.)

Q10. Can you tell me what your terms and conditions of making a gift etc are?

A10. You can find the current terms and conditions here (on the website).