The Sussex Cricket Museum is now producing a series of Summer podcasts about various aspects of Sussex Cricket that we hope you will find interesting and informative.

The podcasts are now available on the Podbean app on your mobile phone or by opening up the Podbean page on your PC. They are also available on Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple.

We have a number of podcasts available:

  1. Les Lenham on the Gillette Cup
  2. Les Lenham’s Early Years
  3. Jon Filby, Chair of the Trustees of the Cricket Museum, in conversation with Adrian Harms, BBC Radio Sussex commentator, about the Museum
  4. Jon Filby and Adrian Harmes discuss C.B.Fry
  5. John Barclay talking to Chris Adams about winning the Championship
  6. Adrian Harms talking about the Museum on air during the Sussex v Glamorgan game.
  7. James Dean Part 1
  8. James Dean Part 2
  9. Regina Suddahazai on Sussex Women’s Cricket

A Selection of the Podcasts available

Les Lenham on the Gillette Cup

Les Lenham’s Early Years

Adrian Harms, BBC Radio Sussex commentator talks to author Jason Moore about James Dean, early c19th cricketer from Duncton in part 1

Adrian Harms, BBC Radio Sussex commentator, talks during commentary of the Sussex v Glamorgan game, on how the Sussex Cricket Museum has changed his attitude towards museums.

Roger Packham on the early years of Sussex County Cricket Club

Adrian Harms talks to Roger Packham about Sir Charles Aubrey Smith

Jason Moore, author of James Dean, and cricket historian, Roger Packham, talk to Adrian Harms about James Dean in part 2