The Museum’s Terms and Conditions on accepting Donations

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Terms and Conditions

1a. We are a museum with an extensive collection of books, photos, paintings, scrapbooks, scorecards, ephemera, and personal items like letters and diaries covering all aspects of cricket in Sussex. We welcome donations to the Collection where they maintain and add to the historical and educational understanding of the heritage of cricket in Sussex.

b. The SCMET may decline an offer if :i. we already have an example in our collection

ii the offer would be more appropriate in another museum or collection

iii the proposed offer is in poor condition.               

iv the proposed offer will occupy a disproportionate amount of space

c. The decision to accept a prospective donation will be made by the curator. In assessing whether to accept an offer, the curator will be guided by:

i.  the condition of the item,

ii.  the capacity of the SCMET to keep and maintain the item

iii. the potential for display.

iv. the rarity of the item

v. the usefulness for research

d. The SCMET will normally contact prospective donors within six weeks of receipt of the donation form to arrange receipt of the donation, or to give reasons why the SCM is unable to accept the offer.

e. All donations accepted in to the SCMET collection will be recorded in the ‘Donation Book’.

2. a. The museum will not acquire any object unless it is satisfied that the object has not been acquired in, or exported from, its country of origin in violation of that country’s laws.

b. A donation form must be completed by the donor prior to any object becoming part of the Sussex Cricket Museum (SCM) collection, in which the donor confirms legal ownership of the object and transfers ownership to the SCMET

3. SCMET will ensure that the Museum is well maintained and secure. 

a. Objects on display are in glass cabinets.

b. Stored  objects are held in locked rooms.

c. There is a programme of regular cleaning to prevent any build-up of dust.

d. Volunteers regularly monitor levels of humidity, and humidifiers are use when necessary.

e. A programme of pest management is in place.

4. Once part of the SCMET collection, items are covered by insurance against damage and loss.

5. The SCMET is unable to give any valuations of objects. It can however offer opinions on the historical interest of objects.

6. The SCMET cannot guarantee that objects in the collection will be put on display however the SCMET will endeavour to display new donations if at all possible within a year of receipt into the collection. The SCMET will make every effort to contact donors if it is intended to include their donation as part of an exhibition.

7. a. The SCMET has the right to depose of any item in the collection which is a duplicate, takes up disproportionate space or no longer needs to be retained.

b. Items for disposal will usually be offered for sale or offered to another museum.

c. No item will be offered for sale if the principal reason for disposal is to generate funds.

8. Objects are not accepted on long term loan, other than in exceptional circumstances, for example as key items for display in the galleries.

9. Objects are not accepted with conditions attached.

10. Donors of objects to the SCMET collection are welcome to visit the SCM to view their donated object. Donors should contact the curator a few days before their visit,  and should visit on a day the SCM is open to the public (See for details of opening times.)

11. The SCMET will accept collections of books but only on the basis that we can only accept for inclusion to the collection those items that are of educational and historical interest with regard to Sussex cricket. Books and other items which we deem to be of insufficient historical or educational interest we will sell, if possible, to raise funds for the SCMET. See 1b and 1c above.