What’s New

Rob Boddie


Along with the new website which you have obviously found we have been working hard on the exhibits in the museum. although little will be altered in Gallery 1 as this is the First Golden Era, it is where visitors are welcomed as they enter and we feel this gives a good introduction to the rest of the Museum. We have changed the Photos by the main entrance and the Tom Box display has been changed for one of Heygate, and in the lectern Cabinet by the office there is Duleepsinhji’s silver cigarette case, also a mysterious reappearing ball.

Gallery 2

This gallery has been changed completely as the WW1 exhibits have been removed, now that the centenary of the end of that dreadful time has now passed but those from the club who fell are not forgotten as their photos have been moved to the alcove along with the Sussex Regiment.

The new displays are as follows:-

On the left in the large cabinet we have a display James Parks Senior memorabilia

In the other large cabinet on the left we have an exhibit on Rupert Webb

Between the cabinets in the recess is a board remembering Arnhem during the operation Market Garden.

On the right return wall we depict the Sussex players decorated in WW2

On the right side wall panel is dedicated to General Sir Miles Christopher Dempsey.

On the far right panel are the photos of Sussex Player which fell in WW2

Gallery Three

A photo of the restored grave of aubry Smith has been added the his cabinet on the left

Also on the left cabinet has been dedicated to Tony Buss

The first cabinet past the opening on the right is dedicated to the 1999 World Cup