Through the eyes of a new volunteer

10 CC wrote  ‘I don’t like cricket oh no I love it.

This best describes how I feel about cricket.

I first watched Sussex in 1964 and have been either watching or following Sussex ever since either with my late parents and wife or with my children, grandchildren, brother and Woolfie at home and away matches. My favourite early memory was seeing the Ranji photo in the long room, which to an 8 year old was an enormous picture and seeing players such as Pataudi, Snow, Grieg walking in front of it. I am so pleased that this picture is now in the museum and you see it as you enter the museum.

My interests in cricket , apart from watching  Sussex, are collecting autographs and taking pictures. which includes quirky pictures when-ever possible, such as Chris Jordan painting the run up marks at Lords.

My work at the museum includes emptying the dehumidifier, researching old players, in particular the players that only played a couple of matches such as H V Gregory and RHC Walters, sorting through the photographs and the players’ files. We have so much material, that only a small selection can ever be shown, and we are constantly acquiring new items that require sorting out and filing, and of course the most important task, making the tea. Volunteering for the museum is a cross between work and Test Match Special, as when it is someone’s birthday, cakes are brought in and we organize a Christmas lunch.

My family have been very supportive and even asked me to confirm if a James Bond character has played for Sussex.

I have, in my short time at the museum learnt so much  more about Sussex cricket, such as Brighton Rugby Club used to play at the County Ground, the groundsman used to keep his horses in what is now the museum and one of the most famous military personnel in WW2, Gen Sir Miles Dempsey played for Sussex. I have also had the opportunity to hold the cricket bats used by Murray Goodwin and Matt Prior in some of their memorable innings, however as one fellow volunteer politely pointed out to me, it will not help to improve my batting

My favourite pieces  of memorabilia are a picture of the late F.Oddie, (secretary of the club 1913-1914) pictured during WW1 in France in uniform on a motorbike (aka Steve McQueen/Great Escape), and also a picture of Elizabeth Taylor enjoying a cup tea with Sir Aubrey Smith at the Hollywood Cricket Club.

Ah, before I forget, did a James  Bond character play for Sussex? The answer is yes. T A Scaramanga played for Sussex Club and Ground in 1933.

Finally in the words of Bob Marley, I love it (sic cricket)

By Tim Burges

Tim in front of the picture that made an early impression on him as a young boy