New Donations and Acquisitions

A Bat signed bat from the 1950s

A bat signed by players from the 1950s, previously owned by Douglas Ritter, and presented to the Museum by his daughter, Caroline Edwards.

A Ranji Stamp Print donated by Mr Charles James of Bognor Regis.

A frame for a Ranji stamp print donated by Mr Charles James of Bognor Regis bears the inscription “Rajkumar College, Rajkot, Old Collegians’ UK. Cricket Tour 1983”. The Rajkumar College was founded in 1868 for the education of the princely order by the princes and chiefs of Kathiawad for their sons and relations. A very exclusive school, it still running today with outstanding sports facilities and is housed in a very beautiful building.

A Cricket Theme Table Lamp signed by the 1962 Sussex team

A table lamp donated by Mike and Wendy Lugg of Sherborne School, Dorset and signed by Mike Griffith – Sussex 1962-74, Richard Langridge – Sussex 1957-71, Ian Thomson – Sussex 1952-72, Tony Buss – Sussex 1958-74,
Don Bates – Sussex 1950-71, Graham Cooper – Sussex 1955-1969, Ron Bell – Sussex 1952-1964, John Snow – Sussex 1961-1977, Warwickshire 1980,
Alan Oakman –Sussex 1947-68, Jim Parks – Sussex 1949-72, Somerset 1973-76, Peter Ledden – Sussex 1961- 67, Les Lenham – Sussex 1956 -70, Ted Dexter – Sussex 1957-68, MCC 1957- l968.

A signed photo of the SS Stirling Castle

A photo of the SS Stirling castle signed by the MCC Touring Team to Australia and New Zealand, 1946/7. The photo has been kindly donated to the Museum by Roger Ball on behalf of the Ball family and his late Mum, Marion Ball, nee Sharp

A Junior cap from 1930 worn by Basil J Rogers

This cap has been donated by Jackie Herring who describes how she came across it,

‘In the late 1990s I worked for a gentleman called Basil J Rogers. He was a bit cantankerous and had a sign on his front door “Cantankerous old git lives here”. The adult Basil was a cameraman for the Rank organization, filming wartime ship bombings and spending time in Africa. He was immensely proud of his cap and kept it wrapped in tissue paper getting it out often to show me. Sadly, when he died, he had no living relatives and his godson had no interest in it so I kept it safe for many years until I thought it appropriate to donate it to our museum. It does not matter if it is never displayed, I am just glad that it will be kept safe for him, knowing he would be happy for you to have it. A wonderful kind, cantankerous old Gentleman.’

Sussex Team Photograph 1937 -signed

The photograph below is of the Sussex team 1937 with signatures and kindly donated by the executors of the estate of the late D. A. Hough of Waltham Chase, Hampshire


Back Row Left-Right: Henry William Parks, George Cox Jnr., James Henry Cornford, Herbert Edward Hammond, John Langridge, John Ypres Oakes, Alfred George Tuppin.

Front Row: James Langridge, Walter Latter Cornford, Albert John Holmes, Thomas Edward Reed Cook, James Horace Parks.


2009 Australian Tour signed bat

The 2009 Australian Tour signed Bat, owned by our dear friend the late Keith Partridge and kindly donated by Keith’s friend Kim Sawyer. The bat was Keith’s much-loved possession and will be treasured by the museum because of who it belonged to. 

The signatures are Ricky Ponting (captain), Michael Clarke (vice captain), Stuart Clark, Brad Haddin, Nathan Haddin, Ben Hauritz, Philip Hughes, Mitchell Johnson, Simon Katich, Brett Lee, Andrew McDonald, Graham Mano, Marcus North, Peter Siddle, and Shane Watson