Welcome from our Curator


Welcome to the website of the Sussex Cricket Museum and Educational Trust. This website, recently re-launched, gives a glimpse of what we have on display in the museum, details of how to visit the museum and in its history section, articles about the story of Sussex cricket and profiles of those who played for Sussex.

In the very early days, the library was housed in the main office building but in May 1997, the library, documents and artefacts were moved to a portacabin next to  the Gilligan Stand. In 1999 there was a preliminary World Cup match at Hove, South Africa v India. The press couldn’t be accommodated in the existing press facilities so a new portacabin was erected on top of the Library portacabin. Once the World Cup was finished the facility was taken over by the Library. All the pictures that had been stored in the main office building were now transferred to the ‘new’ library which remained the home of the Museum until 2006, when during the match against Hampshire, the floor collapsed and the building listed to one side. It wasn’t long though before a new facility was found, this time another portacabin but a much more modern one, the former reception area for the club.

Our curator, Rob Boddie, second from the right
The entrance to the museum, under the main pavilion

A first class facility

In May 2012, the museum moved to a new first class facility in the main pavilion – into rooms that had once been the stables. There are now three galleries dedicated to tracing the history and development of cricket in Sussex especially Sussex Cricket Club and Sussex Women’s Cricket

The Museum continues to enhance its collection through donations, bequests, purchases and has permanent and temporary exhibitions. Our collection consists of trophies, photographs, prints, equipment and portraits. For anyone who wishes to pursue their own research we have an excellent library and a comprehensive archive of documents and pictures.

Every year we introduce new displays, often to commemorate anniversaries. 2020 will be 100 years after Ranji played his last game for Sussex and we will have some new pictures of Ranji on display. K.A. Higgs scored a century on debut in 1920 and we will have a display on him as well as Arthur Gilligan who made his debut in 1920. Arnold Long, captain of the side that won the 1978 Gillette Cup will be 80 this year and we will have a display commemorating this and there will also be a tribute to Jofra Archer. We will also have a new cabinet on the Brighton Brunswick Cricket Club to commemorate the club’s 150th anniversary. The Women’s cabinet will also be updated for the opening of the coming season with additional artefacts.

I hope you find this website useful and a good introduction to your visit to the Sussex Cricket Museum.

Rob Boddie