Quiz Time

Test your knowledge of Sussex Cricket with our weekly quiz

A bit of fun to keep you occupied for a couple of hours during our confinement.

Quiz 6 – Old Blokes

1   What was the age in completed years of the oldest player to play first-class cricket for Sussex?

2   How many cricketers have played first-class cricket for Sussex past their fifty-fifth birthdays?

3   Who was the oldest player to play for Sussex in the official Championship?

4   Who is the oldest player, formerly of Sussex, to score a century in the County Championship?

5   William Lillywhite played his last match for Sussex at the age of 61 at Lord’s in 1853. What happened to him during the game?

6   William Lillywhite staged first-class cricket on his own ground in Brighton. Where was it?

7   William Beecham, a solicitor from Hastings, played in his first and only first-class match for Sussex at St Leonards in 1857, at what age?  

8   Jim Parks, whose career ran from 1949 to 1976, played 739 first-class matches.  To the nearest ten, on how many grounds did he play?

9   What was John Langridge’s age, in completed years, when he umpired his final match in the County Championship? 

10   Which famous Victorian-era umpire is the oldest to stand in a first-class match at Hove?

Answers available here

Quiz 5 – Match the player from the pictures below with his place of birth or death.

Choose from the following place of birth or death: Bulawayo (Zimbabwe), Bonn (Germany), Beverley Hills (USA), Nawanagar (India), Mauritius, Hong Kong, Queenstown (S. Africa), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Newcastle (Australia) and Bridgetown (Barbados)

Answers available here

Sir Aubrey Smith
Dermot Reeve
Tim Ambrose
Tony Greig
Jofra Archer
Paul Parker
John Barclay
Gehan Mendis
Ken Suttle

Quiz 4 – Select your all time Sussex Championship XI from the following short list of 50.

Chose 11 players with no more than two overseas players (marked with *).

The grouping of players is for guidance only. ie you could choose two openers who are not in the list of openers.

Some players have a profile of their Sussex career on the website however the lack of a profile in no way is an indication of the likelihood or not of their selection in the final XI. We are working our way through the list of top 100 players and writing profiles in no particular order.

Next Friday our curator will reveal his Curator’s XI. You can then compare your list with his.

Openers: C.B. Fry, John Langridge, Gehan Mendis*, Joe Vine, Alan Melville*, Ted Bowley, Don Smith, (7)

Middle order batsmen: Ted Dexter, Ranji, David Sheppard, Chris Adams, Alan Oakman, Tommy Cook, Ken Suttle, Jim Parks sen, Ernest Killick, Michael Bevan*, Alan Wells, Paul Parker, Murray Goodwin*, H Bartlett, K.S. Duleep, George Cox sen (16)

All-Rounders: Albert Relf, Arthur Gilligan, Tony Greig, George Cox jun, James Langridge, Colin Wells (6)

Wicket-keeper: Jim Parks jun, Matt Prior, George Street, Peter Moores, Harry Butt, Tich Cornford (6)

Slow bowlers: Ian Salisbury, Fred Tate, Robin Marlar, Mustaq Ahmed* (4)

Quick bowlers: Imran Khan*, Maurice Tate, John Snow, Jofra Archer, Ian Thomson, Bert Wensley, Jason Lewry, James Kirtley, Tony Buss, Garth le Roux*, Ted James (11)

Curator’s Team can be found here

Quiz 3 – True or False

1) Winston Churchill saw W.G Grace play at Hove.

2) Brighton & Hove Albion played their home games at the County Ground before the move to The Goldstone Ground.

3) Brighton Tigers had an ice rink installed at the County Ground in the late 1950s .

4) Worthing’s Manor Ground was turned into allotments during World War Two.

5) The Duke of Edinburgh played cricket at Arundel.

6) Chris Eubank held a world title fight at the County Ground.

7) Brighton Rugby Club played at the County Ground.

8) Rupert Webb was the father of Lydia in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

9)  Ian Fleming (writer of James Bond) watched cricket at Hove.

10) Whilst stationed in Brighton during World War Two, Keith Miller had a bet with Denis Compton, that he would land a Mosquito plane on the County Ground.

Answers will be posted on 8 May here

Quiz 2 – Nicknames

Here are the nicknames of 11 Sussex cricketers: a) Tiger b) Ambi, c) Horse d) Omni e) Tucker f) Hot and cold running water g) Lester g) Trout h) Spud i) Grisly j) Dinger

Match each nickname with one of the following players:

Robin Martin-Jenkins, Nawab of Pataudi, Tony Buss, Geoff Arnold, Tony Pigott, James Kirtley, Ron Bell, Chris Adams, John Spencer, John Barclay, and Robin Hugh Clough Waters

Answers available here

Quiz 1 – The 100


1.Where are these Sussex grounds? a. Manor Ground b.Saffrons c. Priory Park d. Cricket Field Rd e. Ireland’s Gardens f. Priory Meadow?

2. Where was the Cowshed?

3. Whom did Murray Godwin replace as Sussex’s overseas player in 2001?

4. Who was Christopher Martin-Jenkins describing when he said, ‘He was an essential part of Sussex cricket, literally for as long as I remember cricket at Hove’

5. How much did Sussex get for winning the 2nd Division Championship in 1999? £15,000, £20,000 or £25,000

6. Who did Sussex beat in 1999, having been set to make 455 and being 3/127 down?

7. Who joined the One Test Wonders in 1981?

8. Which Sussex captain was nicknamed ‘Trout?

9. Name one player who played in the 1963 Gillette Final but not in the 1964 Final?

10. Who set up a successful travel firm after retirement?

11. Which Sussex player took five catches in the Laker match at Old Trafford in 1956?

12. Which Sussex player scored a century in the same match?

13. Who in a tied match  in May 1952 captained Sussex and against whom?

14. Which two players both went to Pembroke College together, made their debut in the same year and together joined the Glider Pilot Regiment?

15. Who was the first professional captain for Sussex?

16. Who was a One Test Wonder in 1995?

17. Which opposition player played his last ever match in the last match at Hove before the Second World War halted play?

18. Who scored 3,003 runs and took 101 wickets in one season?

19. Which two Sussex players once dismissed South Africa for 30 runs between them?

20. Who was captain of England in his only Test match?

Worthing Related questions

21.Which Worthing-born player received his county cap at the Manor Ground in 1957?

22.Who was the first Worthing -born player to play for England?

23. Which Worthing player is Sussex’s youngest century maker? 

24. Which future Test captain played one match for Worthing  in the Sussex League in the 1970s  which was against  Preston Nomads? 

25. Which Worthing player was the first to receive their county cap in 1965 from the Nawab of Pataudi?

26.Which Worthing-born player was famous for wearing a yellow batting helmet?

One match wonders

27. Which current club steward played his only game for Sussex in 1971 on his club ground ?

28. Which South African played one game in 1975 and whose half  brother is also a South African test cricketer?

29. Who is the Indian who played one game for Sussex  in 1969, and  who took 53 catches in 27 test matches?

30.Who in his only  game for Sussex in 1951  had match figures of 5-13?

31. Who in his only game for Sussex in 1969 got a pair ?

Gillette Cup

32.Who played in the semi-finals in both 1963 and 1964 but not in either final?

33. Who made his Gillette Cup debut in the 1973 Final ?

34. Who scored the first Gillette Cup 100 for Sussex ?

35. Who hit the last ball of the 1970 semi-final for two to put Sussex into the final on fewer wickets lost ?

36. Which Sussex coach was Man of the Match in the 1963 final ?

Brighton and Hove Albion FC Connections

37. Who was Brighton and Hove Albion’s first England international?

38 Which former Brighton  and Hove Albion player and Manchester  United manager played for Sussex 2nds?

39. Which Brighton and Hove Albion  player scored a 100 on his Sussex debut in 2009?

40. Which South African born player was a member of Brighton and Hove Albion’s first promotion team in 1957/58?

41. Which  former Brighton director ‘s son played two matches for Sussex in 1974?

42. Which Hove County for Boys’ pupil played for both Brighton and Sussex  in the 1950s?


43. Who were the opening batsmen who put on over 100 in both innings of the 1972 Sussex v Australia match?

44. Who in his final 1st class innings in 1993, scored his maiden 1st class 100?

45.Who in his last National  League match for Sussex in 2002 , hit a six to win the game ?

Photos 46-50

What was the occasion for each of the following photos?


51- 56 Who is/are the Sussex players in the photos?


57-66 Sussex amateurs and literature

57.Who was the Sussex amateur who wrote a novel  with his wife? 

 58. Who was the Sussex amateur who wrote crime fiction with Clifford Makins?  

 59. Who were the two Sussex amateurs who published poetry? 

  60. Which Sussex amateur wrote  a cricket history, or more likely had it ghost written, and dedicated it to ‘Her Majesty the Queen Empress’? 

   61. Which Sussex club president, who was a baronet and publisher,  published a novel ‘That Test Match’  and whose statistical publications were nearly as fictional?

   62. Which Sussex amateur was named after a P.G.Wodehouse character? 

    63. Which Sussex player  who played for the county both as an amateur and a professional,  was a cricket writer for the Daily Mirror? 

     64. Which Sussex-born amateur played county cricket for Essex,   was cricket  writer for the Daily Herald and chaired the Cricket Writers Club?

      65. Which Sussex committee member played cricket for Oxford University in wartime matches,  was cricket writer for The Observer, and later editor of the London Magazine?

      66. Which Sussex amateur and cricket writer for the Sunday Times,  wrote a history of cricket?

67-80 Pot pourri

67. Who has described their batting routine as ‘Two bat taps behind me, three twirls of the bat in my hands, go into my stance and tap my bat three times, before looking up as the bowler is coming in.’  ?      

68. Who shares his birthday with an Oscar winning actress?

69. Who described his batting style as a “plodder, a nudger, a deflector” .

70. Who is the son of a former vicar of Bognor Regis

71. Which former Sussex player was part of the team that won the National Village Cricket Knockout Final at Lord’s in 2009

72. Imran Khan is now Prime Minister of Pakistan. What is the name of his political party?  

73. In what year were women first elected to the Sussex committee?

74. What was Chris Jordan’s IPL team in 2017?  

75. Which Radio Luxemburg disc jockey was a member of the Sussex Committee in the 1980s?

76. Which Sussex club president had a famous collection of paintings by Turner, including one of a cricket match? 

77. How many first class wickets were taken by Robin Marlar in 1955. 

78. We know that Jason Gillespie’s highest Test score was 201not out against Bangladesh, but what was John Snow’s highest test score?  

79. Which Sussex player appeared in Four Weddings and a Funeral?

80. Which Sussex player appeared in the 1940 Oscar winning film “Rebecca”?

81-90 all answers from the 175 Book

81. Name one player pictured on the front cover.

82. Who provided the (in today’s times a very valid) quote on the rear cover?

83. What left arm bowler appeared as the frontispiece?

84. Where and when was the earliest reference to cricket in Sussex?

85. In what Sussex town was one of the earliest known surviving cricket balls found?

86. In which year was the 300th anniversary of cricket played at Goodwood?

87. In which year were the laws of cricket, shown on the silk handkerchief written?

88. Within our photographic collection, in which year is the earliest actual cricket match depicted?

89. In which year is the earliest known photograph of a cricket match at our present ground? and who was the megastar playing?

90. What feature of the our ‘new’ ground appears in the majority of early photographs of teams and players?

91-100 ‘They don’t make them like that anymore’

91.    Which Corinthian footballer, who played for Sussex in the 1930s, and captained Sussex against Somerset in 1929 just after his twentieth birthday, is said to be the youngest ever to captain any county in the Championship? 

92.    Who played one match for Sussex in 1919, commanded the British Second Army from 1944 to 1946, and later chaired Greene King brewery?  

93.     Which Sussex committee member played football for the England amateur and full football teams, played for Middlesex at cricket and later chaired the Football Association from 1961 to 1963?

94. Who played for Sussex before the Great War, was later the Indian high commissioner to Canada and then ambassador to France?

95. Which fast bowler, Sussex born but brought up in Australia, received an MBE for road-building in Kenya?  

96. Which Army officer who played for Sussex in the 1890s,  played in two Tests several years after his county career had ended?

97.      Who was Australian-born and bred, had 52 letters in his name and played for Sussex for six seasons in Edwardian times, taking nine for 35 in his first Championship match, a feat never equalled?

98. Who captained the Sussex Second Eleven between the wars, fitted in ten Championship matches, and was knighted for his work at the Ministry of Health in the early days of the NHS?

99.   Who played cricket for Sussex without much success, was later MP for Hastings, a Government minister, Governor of Madras, Governor-General of Canada and finally Viceroy of India?   

100.   Who, long after retiring from regular cricket, came to Sussex to coach, was persuaded to play, and bowled 100 overs in an innings at the age of 52?

Answers can be found here