Sussex Teams 1945-1970

Sussex 1951 at Lord’s

From left standing: J. Oakes, K.G. Suttle, A.E. James, D.L. Bates, A.S.M. Oakman, J.M. Parks, R.T. Webb
Seated: D.J. Wood, John Langridge, James Langridge (capt), G. Cox, C. Oakes

Sussex 1956 at the Oval

Standing from left: K.G. Suttle, G. Potter, A.S.M. Oakman, D.L. Bates, D.J. Semmence
Seated: A.E. James, D.S. Sheppard, R.G. Marlar, G.H.G. Doggart, R.T. Webb

Sussex 1963 with the Gillette Cup

Standing from left: G.C. Cooper, J. Langridge, D.L. Bates, A. Buss, J.A. Snow, L.J. Lenham
Seated: N.I. Thomson, J.M. Parks, E.R. Dexter, A.S.M. Oakman, K.G. Suttle

Sussex 1964 with the Gillette Cup

From left: L.J. Lenham, N.I. Thomson, J.M. Parks, K.G. Suttle, D.L. Bates, E.R. Dexter (capt), G.C. Cooper, R.J. Langridge, M.G. Griffith, A. Buss, J.A. Snow

Sussex 1966 at the Oval