Quiz Time Answers

Quiz 6 – Old Blokes

1   What was the age in completed years of the oldest player to play first-class cricket for Sussex?  Sixty two.  (Charles Warren who played for Sussex v Hampshire and Surrey at Bramshill Park in 1826.)

2   How many cricketers have played first-class cricket for Sussex past their fifty-fifth birthdays? Five. (Charles Warren 62 in 1826; James Challen 61 in 1849; William Lillywhite 61 in 1853; William Beecham 58 in 1857; George Brown – ‘Brown of Brighton’ – 55 in 1838.)

3   Who was the oldest player to play for Sussex in the official Championship?  George Cox senior. (He was 54 yr, 203 days at the end of the match v Hampshire. Horsham 1928.)

4   Who is the oldest player, formerly of Sussex, to score a century in the County Championship? Willie Quaife.  (Born at Newhaven, he was 56 years 243 days, playing for Warwickshire v Derbyshire, Edgbaston, 1928.)

5   William Lillywhite played his last match for Sussex at the age of 61 at Lord’s in 1853. What happened to him during the game? He was taken ill after bowling the opening overs in his benefit match and replaced by Hamilton Hoare of the banking family.

6   William Lillywhite staged first-class cricket on his own ground in Brighton. Where was it? Where Montpelier Crescent now stands.

7   William Beecham, a solicitor from Hastings, played in his first and only first-class match for Sussex at St Leonards in 1857, at what age?  He was 58. (He was on the Club committee so may have selected himself.)

8   Jim Parks, whose career ran from 1949 to 1976, played 739 first-class matches.  To the nearest ten, on how many grounds did he play? He played on 113 grounds. (The record is held by Shivnarine Chanderpaul with 116.)

9   What was John Langridge’s age, in completed years, when umpired his final match in the County Championship?  Seventy–three. (He was 73 yr, 120 days when he stood in the match Leicestershire v Yorkshire at Leicester in 1983,) 

10   Which famous Victorian-era umpire is the oldest to stand in a first-class match at Hove? Bob Thoms. (He was 74 when he stood in the match Sussex v Hampshire in 1900.)

Quiz 5 – Birth or death place?

Sir Aubrey Smith/Beverly Hills, D.Reeve/Hong Kong, T. Ambrose/Newcastle, Australia, A.Greig/Queenstown, South Africa, J.Archer/Bridgetown, Barbados, Ranji/Sarodar, Nawangar, P. Parker/Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, J. Barclay/Bonn, G.Mendis/Colombo, K.Suttle/Mauritius

Quiz 4 – The Curator’s All-Time Sussex Championship XI



SK Ranjitsinhji

E Dexter (Captain)

J.Parks, jun, wicket-keeper

T. Greig





J. Lewry

For full details of the Curator’s All-Time Championship XI click here

Quiz 3 – True or False?

1) Winston Churchill saw W.G Grace play at Hove. True

2) Brighton & Hove Albion played their home games at the County Ground before the move to The Goldstone Ground. True

3) Brighton Tigers had an ice rink installed at the County Ground in the late 1950s . False

4) Worthing’s Manor Ground was turned into allotments during World War Two. True

5) The Duke of Edinburgh played cricket at Arundel. True (1953 and 1957)

6) Chris Eubank held a world title fight at the County Ground. False

7) Brighton Rugby Club played at the County Ground. True

8) Rupert Webb was the father of Lydia in Four Weddings and a Funeral. False, he was the father of Henrietta (Duckface)

9)  Ian Fleming (writer of James Bond) watched cricket at Hove. True

10) Whilst stationed in Brighton during World War Two, Keith Miller had a bet with Denis Compton, that he would land a Mosquito plane on the County Ground. False

Quiz 2 – Nicknames

1)Whose nickname was Tiger? Nawab of Pataudi

2) Ambi ? James Kirtley

3) Horse ? Geoff Arnold

4) Omni ? Tony Buss

5) Tucker ? Robin Martin-Jenkins

6) Running Hot and Cold Water? Robin Hugh Clough Waters

7) Lester ? Tony Pigott

8) Trout? John Barclay

9) Spud? John Spencer

10) Grizzly? Chris Adams

11) Dinger Ron Bell

Quiz 1 -the 100

  1. a. Worthing b. Eastbourne c. Chichester d. Horsham e. Brighton f. Hastings
  2. Sea end of Hove ground
  3.  Michael Bevan
  4. Peter Eaton, head groundsman
  5. £15,000
  6. Gloucestershire
  7. Paul Parker
  8. John Barclay
  9. Alan Oakman
  10. John Snow
  11. Alan  Oakman
  12. Rev D.S. Sheppard
  13. James Langridge, Warwickshire
  14. Hugh Bartlett and Billy Griffith
  15. James Langridge
  16. Alan Wells
  17. Hedley Verity
  18. Jim Parks senior
  19. Maurice Tate and Arthur Gilligan
  20. Sir Aubrey Smith

Worthing related

21. Les Lenham

22. Don Smith

23. Derek Semmence

24.  Imran Khan

25. Terry Gunn

26.  Neil Lenham

One Match Wonders

27. Mark Upton at Horsham

28. Peter Kirsten

29.  Eknath Solkar

30. Peter Wales

31.  John Clarke

Gillette Cup

32.  Bob Pountain

33. Roger Marshall

34.  Kenny Suttle

35. John Snow

36.  Norman Gifford

Brighton and Hove Albion connections

37. Tommy Cook

38. Dave Sexton

39.  Joe Gatting

40.  Denis Foreman

41. Norman Wisdom

42.  Don Bates


43.  Geoff Greenidge and Peter Graves.

44.  Jon North

45. Will House


46. Scott Styris hitting the third fastest T20 century v Gloucestershire 6 July 2012

47. Chris Adams holding aloft the Second Division Trophy in 2001

48. Ian Gould collecting the NatWest Trophy in 1986

49. Steve Magoffin getting a career best 8/20 at Horsham in 2008

50. Mark  Robinson’s 500th wicket in first class cricket in 1999

51. George Cox

52. Rupert Webb wicketkeeper (with Keith Miller batting)

53. Neil Lenham

54. Danny Law

55. A. Buss

56. I. Khan bowling I. Botham

Sussex amateurs and literature

57. C.B. Fry

58. Ted Dexter

59. Hugh Doggart and John Snow

60. K.S. Ranjitsinhji

61. Sir Home Gordon

62.  Mike Griffith

63. Peter Laker

64. Charles Bray

65. Alan Ross

66. Robin Marlar

Pot pourri

67. Jason Gillespie

68. Luke Wright

69. John Barclay

70. John Snow

71. Matt Hobden

72.  Pakistan Movement for Justice

73. 1978 (Eileen Cotter and Frances Mannings)

74. Sunrisers Hyderabad

75. Geoffrey Everitt

76. Lord Leconfield

77. 139

78. 73

79. Rupert Webb

80. Sir Aubrey Smith

175 Book

81. Any from J. Wisden, C.Adams, M.Tate, Ranji, Duleep and Dexter

82. Mark Robinson

83. George Cox

84. Cricket at Sidlesham (in 1611)

85. Lewes

86. 2002

87. 1752

88. c1867

89. 1876 (featuring W.G. Grace)

90. The flint wall

They don’t make them like that any more

91. Geoffrey Collins

92. Gen Sir Miles Dempsey

93. Graham Doggart

94. H.S. Malik

95. Jack Nye

96. Jock Hartley

97. Ben Dwyer

98. Sir Allan Saunders

99. Freeman Thomas, later Lord Willingdon

100. Alfred Shaw